The Infant Care Center provides experienced staff who are trained to provide a nurturing environment of trust and sensitivity to each infant’s needs. The staff realize that each individual infant is a separate functioning being who needs specific care and guidance and who is allowed to develop at his/her own pace. The staff observe each infant daily. Infants have freedom to explore and interact with other infants through one-to-one play, small group activities, and have time for individual uninterrupted play. Infants are on personal sleep and feeding schedules.

Organization of the Center

Housed in Grace Luthern Church, the Grace Infant Care Center is governed by a board of directors composed of five to seven members. Up to two of these member positions is available to a parent of an infant enrolled in the center. 


Parent and teacher communication will be ongoing. Verbal and written communication are very important. Staff will record all infants’ daily activities on the sign-in sheet on their clipboards in the playrooms. This should be referred to each evening for the particulars of the day.


The center supplies two snacks, plates, bowls, cups, utensils, bibs, burp cloths, individual cribs, sheets, blankets, one 4-seat stroller, and two 6-seat strollers, as well as an abundance of learning and play equipment.

Parents are required to provide milk, formula, lunch, diapers and clothing for daily needs. Bottles are brought from home.

Tuition Payments

As of January 2020 our tuition is $2,200 per month at the time of admission and is payable by the fifth of each month. There are no deductions for vacations, sick days, holidays or shutdowns in compliance with city and state mandates.


Infant Playroom (7 Infants)
Toddler Playroom (8 Toddlers)
Nap room
Office/Staff lounge
Diaper Changing Room
Large Indoor Motor Development Room / Eating Area /Kitchen
Outdoor Play Yard / Garden

Center Hours

Open year round the center operates from 8:30 AM to 5:30PM, Monday through Friday. Pick up is required by 5:20 pm.

Staffing Ratio

Infant Room – Two to Three caregiver for every three infants
Toddler Room – Two to Three caregiver for every four toddlers
Infants are on personal sleep and feeding schedules